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Outofbox is a belief. That brands need not have to settle for what's easy. That in this excitingly competitive world, taking risk is not bravery. It is rather necessary. That breaking the monotony in terms of design, content and presentation can do wonders. That with right people and right ideas, brands can truly achieve what it aspires for.

We LIVE by these beliefs.


Arudhra Dental Clinic

Branding, Website, SEO, SMO
Arudhra is a chain of dental clinics in Chennai. We worked on their branding, website and their new clinic’s interior and exterior design, along with their SMO and SEO.



Branding, SMO
Lenco is one of our oldest clients. We’ve been involved and contributed to their growth from our first day at office. We take care of their online and offline branding.



A brand new force to reckon with in the interior design and woodwork industry. We revamped their website using illustrations and did their web content writing.




Your business is your brand. Your brand is our business. We can help you with your business’s name, logo, colour guidelines, stationery design and content strategy. Thus positioning, establishing and promoting your brand everywhere.


A website is no more what you want, it’s evolved to something what you need. We build visually appealing, functionally robust and effective responsive websites using HTML, CSS, Magento, Wordpress and Ruby on Rails.


The current UI/UX frenzy that has engulfed the design community has much to do with mobile apps. We do the research, wireframe, user persona, interactive/visual design and development of mobile apps for iOS and Android.


Although SEO & SMO are two different services, they are however mutually inclusive and dependant in more than one ways. We have a dedicated team who are experts in bringing traffic into your website and promoting your brand on social media platforms.


We firmly believe that brands that produce original, engaging and high quality content will succeed in the long run. Our passionate writers generate persuasive, interesting content that’s relevant to your business.


Visual medium has advantages like increased brand recognition and better retention rates more than any other. We do conceptualization, production, scripting for tv ads, corporate presentation, motion graphics and 2D/3D walkthroughs.


Recent post

Iteration kills innovation

July 1, 2017

We’ve this client. Really nice, progressive thinking and ambitious. But they have this habit. Of asking numerous iterations for everything. Although we understand it’s not an unique case for an agency like ours, we don’t wish it on anyone.

What’s so wrong in iterating, you ask
Nothing much, except that we believe it kills innovation and subdues the will to take risks. Because we know at the back of our minds that no matter how hard or deep we think and how accurately we execute, it will end up getting changed. Inadvertently, the people working on the project would want to come up with something that the client might like, not what’s right and appropriate.

It’s not that the first deliverable is not always our best work. In fact, more often than not, we end up reverting back to the initial design or idea, albeit after making dozens of iterations, in the process wasting valuable time.

So what should be done?
We are not anti-iteration at all. We know that it’s inevitable. But it shouldn’t be done for the sake of it. There should be an understanding that every finished work can always be made better. Ask the designer of a famous logo, or a writer of a best selling book, deep down they wish they had done something different. But that hasn’t stopped them from putting out their work for all its worth.

There is also this other factor of delaying the launch of a product just because we are trying and waiting for the best output to arrive, while ignoring the fact that the best was 10 iterations before.

And by the time you have come up with something you consider the best, you find that it’s already too late. The design trend has changed to something else. Your competitors have launched their product and are many steps ahead of you. Nothing is more frustrating to find out that while you were busy working to arrive at the best, your demographic has moved on and that no matter how good your product is, it won’t be welcomed the same way it would have been 1 or 2 years ago.

Uber’s new logo and app icon received so much flak despite the fact that it took 2 years for their lead designer to come with it. Same happened for Instagram’s. This proves that time taken for an output is directly proportional to possibility of failure.

It’s essential for the client to fully trust the expertise and capabilities of the agency they have given the responsibility to. Trust them to bring you the best product. Trust them that they have your best interest. Otherwise what’s the point in having them.

The mantra should be to put all the effort and time into ideating and conceptualizing at the beginning, uncompromising execution, do minor corrections if there is really a need, launch it quickly and let the world decide whether it’s good enough or not.

Outofbox is a branding, UI/UX and advertising studio based out of Bangalore. If you have a project to discuss or willing to collaborate, please mail to think@outofbox.co.


Outofbox Advertising is an ode to the mavericks, the digital revolutionaries,
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Outofbox advertising is a hotspot for creativity in design and content. We are based out of Chennai and Bangalore. We provide website design and website development services to our clients. We take special care in understanding the client's requirements and conduct our own in-house user and industry research to conceptualize great websites. Apart from website design and development, we hold expertise in branding, UI/UX for mobile apps, content marketing and digital marketing.
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